Blanchard Contractors offers offshore and inland/marsh equipment and trained crews ready to suit all of your construction needs.

All of our marine equipment undergoes an in-depth inspection to guarantee compliance with all state and federal regulations. Towing vessels are USCG inspected and approved to IIE and Subchapter M requirements.


  • Marine tugs and towing vessels from 600 to 1,200 hp
  • Inland barges from 120 ft x 30 ft to 145 ft x 55 ft (with spud on deck)
  • Barge cranes from 50 tons to 150 tons
  • Crew boats from 26 ft to 44 ft
  • Living quarters
  • Self propelled spud barges 24 ft x 60 ft x 3 ft (with crane)
  • Small work barges (10 ft x 10 ft, 10 ft x 12 ft, and 10 ft x 20 ft)
  • Dockside parking for crew boats, barges, and vessels


  • Digging, dragline, and clam buckets
  • Cribbing work
  • Flow lines
  • Pipeline repairs
  • Riser tie-ins