Crews at Blanchard Contractors Inc. are fully trained for offshore work and available for your construction and maintenance needs.

The safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment is our company's greatest responsibility. We will not start work unless it can be performed safely.


  • Offshore construction, installations, and maintenance personnel equipment with regulatory training requirements
  • Supply vessels
  • Turnkey projects from water line up
  • Hydro testing crews and equipment
  • Flushing personnel and equipment
  • Draftsmen and project manager services
  • Safety personnel
  • Project consulting
  • Production operators
  • Employees trained as PLW
  • AFE cost budgeting available
  • Daily cost tracking

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Employee minimum training requirements:

  1. Basic Orientation (SafeGulf.SafeLand)
  2. Rigger API RP 2D Latest Edition
  3. Incipient Fire Fighting / Watch
  4. Fall Protection - Competent Person / Rescue
  5. Water Survival / HUET
  7. Confined Space Entrant / Attendant
  8. Environmental Awareness
  9. Regulatory OSHA training and updates