Blanchard Contractors, Inc. is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for all its employees. To accomplish this, we comply with all occupational health, safety, and environmental laws and strive to maintain the best operations, procedures, and policies to provide such conditions.

The safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are our company's greatest responsibilities. Every manager is accountable for the safety and health of him/herself; the people and equipment they manage or supervise; and the impact on the environment. Blanchard Contractors, Inc. employees are directed to take a pro-active stance in initiating and maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. We define safe operating procedures that are designed to meet or exceed all legal requirements and industry-wide "Best Operating Practices."

Health, safety, and environmental aspects of our operations are considered as being equally important as other business objectives. We actively participate with you and any relevant authorities to develop and promote high industry standards. Our management team, therefore, must provide the incentive and full support of all safety procedures and training to maintain a healthy, safe, environmentally sound, and reliable operation.

Management also has the responsibility, through personal example and active involvement with all employees, to create a culture in which everyone has a concern for environmental protection and a strong sense of responsibility for the safety and health of his/her fellow employees.

By handling at risk behavior, protecting employee health and safety, and continuously revising our SEMS program, we constantly strive to enhance work environments and programs. We work tirelessly each day to give our employees the best support and deliver top quality performance for you.


We have an excellent safety record, with incident rates well below industry averages. All statistics, man-hours, training documents, insurance, and safety programs are synchronized monthly with all contractor safety management databases required by our owner/clients, such as ISNetworld, PEC Premier and PICS Auditing.

2015 Health, Safety and Environmental Review 2015 Health, Safety and Environmental Review (1359 KB)

PEC Premier

Programs and Procedures

We offer several safety programs - such as Behavioral Based Safety, JSEA's, and Pre-Job Checklist - to you and our employees because your safety and the safety of our employees is a core value. We care about health, safety, and wellbeing.


Industry demands for employee training are ever-changing. Our comprehensive training program is designed to meet or exceed regulatory - and your - requirements.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training